Camas College Planning

Camas College Planning

Certified College Planning Specialist


Camas College Planning (formerly APSG College Planning) has been helping families reduce the cost of college for over 10 years!  

We understand the challenges families face today when trying to pay for a college education. Our primary goal is to help families reduce the cost of college.  We have seen a ton of changes in the college funding world, we have made changes, but our primary goal has never changed!

We are here to help you pay for college without going into tremendous debt, or raiding your retirement fund. More than ever before, families need the advice of a Certified College Planning Specialist to help them maximize cash flow, reduce taxes, reduce debt and interest expense, and show them how to pay for college without killing their investments, eliminating all the equity in home, or borrow expensive education loans. 

Be sure to see us at our seminars, school events or simply call us for a Free Discovery Meeting.