College Funding Blueprint

Your step-by-step guide!

Your College Funding Blueprint is a detailed college financial analysis report that will walk you through the college financial process step-by-step. 

Sample College Funding Blueprint

A few key pieces of your Blueprint:

1. Over 2,000 Financial Aid, Tax Savings, Lending, Cash Flow, Income and Expense, and Investment Management strategies reviewed.

2. Simultaneous side-by-side comparison of the academic and financial statistics of up to four (4) colleges at a time.

3. FAFSA answers key in PDF format provided- Sample FAFSA PDF

4. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) down to the dollar!  We calculate both the FM (FAFSA) and IM (PROFILE) college formulas. We use the latest formula data provided by the Federal government as it gets updated each school year.

5. We can compare the impact of suggested adjustments in a "before" and "after" format. Presenting the total dollar value savings over the period from college to retirement.

6. Show the effect the cost of college will have on your retirement fund and how cost cutting strategies can recoup much of those costs.