Free Discovery Meeting

Free Discovery Meeting 

Join us for a "Free” Discovery Meeting with a Certified College Planning Specialist

What is a Free Discovery Meeting?

An opportunity to sit down with a Certified College Planning Specialist to discuss your specific college funding situation.  Our goal is to learn about your financial picture, your concerns, your plans and what is important to you.  You will be given valuable information about how to reduce the cost of college and the overall college funding process. 

The meeting is free!  What’s the catch?

There is no catch!  Our position is simple.  You cannot make a decision about whether or not to enlist our services until you understand specifically how we can help, how you would benefit and what the costs would be.  In order for us to give you these answers we must commit to doing some work first.  We are willing to commit the time needed to give you this information.  Then and only then will you need to make a decision about enlisting our services.  You will do so with a clear understanding about the value and savings we can provide.