What You Get

The 1st step is FREE

Come visit us at our local workshops or school events!  We host educational workshops throughout Sonoma County.  Or simply contact us for a FREE Discovery Meeting!  

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The 2nd step is FREE

The result of our Free Discovery Meeting will be:

1.  It is important to us that we only work with families that are a good fit.  We do not work with everyone.  So, when it is not a good fit we will offer FREE advice in the moment to ensure you are in a better position than when you came to us!

2.  An invitation to come back for a FREE Benefits Meeting, so we can share how we can help and what our fee will be. 

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Our fee is based on the complexity of your plan. We will not know this until we have had a FREE Discovery Meeting with you.  The value and savings we provide you will always far exceed our fee.  

Client fees will range from $1,000-$5,000