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Various Client Comments- Does this sound familiar?

  • “We just make too much money. I am certain I will pay full price”
  • "I run a successful business and I am too busy"
  • "I am not sure if a 529, Cash Value Life Insurance or UTMA is the best savings plan for our family"
  • “I’m so confused about the financial aid process. I get different answers from different people.”
  • “I heard there are tax savings for parents with college bound students, but my CPA has not told me about any of them.”
  • “We have so much home equity, there’s no way we’ll receive any financial aid.”
  • “We cannot afford college and save for our retirement. How can we do both?”
  • “There’s just no way we can afford a private university.”
  • “We have not saved enough. I guess the kids will just have to settle for junior college for a couple of years.”
  • “I wish we hadn’t invested so heavily in UGMA accounts. I’m hearing that we may not qualify for any financial aid.”
  • “I’m barely getting by as it is. I don’t know where to turn for help.”

Our families have financial profiles that vary tremendously. Some families are affluent and are seeking the most cost-efficient way to pay for college, while others are middle income and can’t begin to imagine how they will meet the costs.

It is never too early. Proper planning can go a long way. Start now!

Camas College Planning can help families in both stages of of the college funding process.

     1. Saving for college

  • How best to save money for college? 

     2. Late stage college planning

  • How best to reduce the "sticker price" of college and maximize your current resources?